niedziela, 18 kwietnia 2010

Fact sheet: security

  • The number of of women in the police force has increased from 164 in 2005 to 275 in 2007 [UNIFEM]
  • As of July 2007, women made up less than 0.5% of the total 75,353 police personnel in Afghanistan [UNIFEM]
  • By rank, women police made up 2% of sergeants, 0.5% of officers, and 0.1% of soldiers [UNIFEM]
  • There are no women police in the auxiliary police service [UNIFEM]
  • Women made up 6.5% of administrative employees and 7.9% of contract workers and cleaners in the police force [UNIFEM]
  • Of the total military personnel, only 259 (0.6%) were women, including 122 sergeants and 137 ordinary soldiers [UNIFEM]

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