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Afghan women suffering more now

Monday, March 29, 2010
By Moayyed Jafri

WOMEN rights activist and writer Dr Fauzia Afzal Khan has said the misery and oppression the Afghan women suffer due to the US troops is greater than that they had to face during the Taliban regime.

In an interview with The News on Sunday, the director of the Women and Gender Studies at the State University of Montclair, New Jersey, said the facts, figures and events reported from Afghanistan clearly showed that the stance of the US regarding restoration of human rights had fallen flat as violence against women and gender imparity had intensified due to the adventurism of the allied troops. She said fighting extremism was not just the responsibility of the government but the civilians should fight extremism by living their lives, rejecting the imposition of the culture of fear.

Pakistan has not been able to deal with the problems that plague our motherland because we have very conveniently adopted the practice of pointing fingers at others instead of focusing on the issues to uproot them from the motherland, she said.

Dr Fauzia, who did her PhD in post-colonial studies, has, in her books, given an insight into the influence of the colonial presence in different parts of the world, including Pakistan. Her first book Cultural Imperialism: Indo-English Novel, 1993, highlighted the seepage of colonial practices and values in the region. Her second book in 2000 was related the post-9/11 scenario and it was titled Preoccupation of Post Colonial Studies. Her love for expression and performing arts got her involved in writing a book, Critical Stage - The Role of Alternate Secular Theatre in Pakistan, in 2005.

Talking about her most recent book, due to be launched on Monday 29, she said her new work was a memoir. In this book titled Lahore with Love she expresses the experiences of her life she had in Lahore and the US in bold fashion.

Dr Fauzia said she had been advocating the stance of the east in the west and had been trying to persuade people of Pakistan to stand up and face their problems rather than playing the blame-game.

Dr Fauzia was recently crowned as the Most Distinguished Scholar 2009-2010 by the State University of Montclair, New Jersey.

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